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Flight Tickets Cape Town & Cape Town Last-Minutes

From Amsterdam or Londen you can fly directly to Cape Town in more than 11 hours. Cape Town is one of the three capital cities of South Africa. But when you walk around in Cape Town, it doesn't feel like a busy capital. Cape Town is a beautiful city that is also called the Mother City of South Africa. You can do all kinds of activities: from relaxing at the sea to actively climbing Table Mountain. And, above all, don't forget the delicious gastronomy! So take enough time off if you are one of the lucky ones going on vacation to Cape Town.

Flight tickets Cape Town KLM and British Airways

KLM and British Airways fly directly to South Africa. One of the most relaxed ways to fly to Cape Town is by booking a plane ticket Amsterdam (AMS) - Cape Town (CPT) with KLM. This is not always the cheapest flight ticket, but if you can allow it, it's worth it. KLM flies directly to Cape Town daily.

Flight tickets Cape Town Turkish Airlines and Emirates

In addition, it is possible to fly to Cape Town with a stopover. A flight with a stopover is often a bit cheaper than a direct flight, but has higher carbon emissions. You can fly indirectly to Cape Town with Turkish Arlines, with a stopover in Istanbul. You can then fly directly from London or Amsterdam (AMS) to Istanbul airport, Atatürk International Airport (IST) to fly directly to Cape Town International Airport (CPT) after a short transfer from Istanbul. In total this journey takes around 16 hours (depending on the exact flight you book). It is also good for anyone who does not live close to Schiphol to know that Turkish Airlines also flies from Brussels Airport (BRU) to CPT.

It is also possible to book a flight to Cape Town via Dubai (DXB). You then fly with Emirates. The airline Emirates has been rated several times as one of the best airlines in the world and currently flies 17x a week between Amsterdam and Cape Town. Emirates also flies from several British Airports. This indirect flight between AMS and CPT takes about 19 hours (depending on the precise flight that you decide to book).

How long is it flying to Cape Town?

The flight time to Cape Town depends on several factors. Are you flying from Amsterdam, Düsseldorf or Brussels? And do you fly directly or indirectly? Count on a direct return Amsterdam - Cape Town on a flight time of eleven hours. If you fly via Istanbul, the total flight takes around 16 hours. A journey with a stopover in Dubai takes about 19 hours, because you first fly from Amsterdam or the UK to the east before you travel south to Cape Town.

7x Sights Cape Town

Because there is so much to see and do in Cape Town and the surrounding area, we have listed the seven must-do's. That is quite a difficult job, because you can easily draw up an "80x sights in Cape Town" list. But for us these are really the highlights to visit when you book a trip to Cape Town:

  1. Climb the Lion’s Head at sunset (beautiful, sporty and sustainable).
  2. Book a tour on Robben Island to get a piece of history. Moreover, it is a beautiful boat trip and you have a beautiful view of the city.
  3. Enjoy all that South African restaurants have to offer and eat out. From street food to star restaurants, it's all delicious in Cape Town!
  4. Stroll along the promenade of Seapoint and enjoy the beach and the sea. But make no mistake: the water is ice cold due to the cold current from the ocean.
  5. Walk through Cape Town's botanical gardens (Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens) and enjoy the view from the 130-meter walkway.
  6. Admire modern art at Zeitz MOCAA, the Museum of Modern Art (Museum of Contemporary Art Africa) with many varied exhibitions by local African artists.
  7. First Thursdays: on the first Thursday of the month many galleries open and it is possible to stroll through all kinds of exhibitions while enjoying a drink.

Green / sustainable tips in Cape Town

Be careful with water & plastic

There has been a water shortage in Cape Town for years. Be aware of this when you go on holiday to Cape Town and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, this means that you sometimes have to buy water in plastic bottles. You can also purchase a water filter in advance. This saves on plastic and also ensures that you always have enough water to drink.

Try the MyCiTi Bus

You often bridge distances in Cape Town by car. However, there are also various options for traveling by public transport. You can already travel with the MyCiTi bus for a few euros. This bus line was built during the World Cup in 2009 and has since become a permanent part of public transport in Cape Town. And on some Sundays you even travel for free with the MyCiTi bus!

Cycling is also possible

You might not think so at first, but you can also cycle on some places in Cape Town. In particular, the part from the east side of the city is easily accessible, but you can also find green bicycle lanes on the road in the center. Especially the bike path along the promenade towards Camps Bay is wonderful to explore by bike. Get a map with bike lanes first that are not on the car roads, as car drivers are not used to drive amongst cyclists yet.

Consume less or no meat

As mentioned before, the gastronomy in Cape Town is one of the best in the world. And for a delicious meal no meat is needed. Therefore, if you want to compensate for your flight with your own behavior, reducing your meat consumption is a good option. And that's no problem in South Africa! Sweet potato fries, a barbie's corn cob (bbq), grilled vegetables, a vegetarian poképowl and so on! Enough to enjoy during your Cape Town sightseeing.

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Car Rental in Cape Town

Are you looking for a cheap and convenient way to explore the beautiful city of Cape Town and its surroundings? Whether you want to visit the famous museums, the colorful flower markets, or the charming canals, renting a car in Cape Town will give you the freedom and flexibility to discover this amazing destination at your own pace.

How to find the best car rental deal in Cape Town

With FlyGRN, you can easily compare car rental deals from hundreds of trusted providers in one place at our partner. You can rent a car with a flexible booking policy or free cancellation, so you can change your plans if you need to. You can also filter by car type, fuel policy, mileage, and customer rating to find the perfect car for your needs and budget.

What are the most popular car rental companies in general?

Some of the most popular car rental companies are Europcar, Hertz, Avis, Budget, and Thrifty. You can find their rental locations at the airport, the city center, or other convenient spots around the city. You can also check their ratings and reviews from previous customers on FlyGRN to help you make an informed decision.

What are the most popular car types in Cape Town?

Popular car types are economy, compact, and intermediate cars. These cars are ideal for navigating the narrow streets and parking spaces of the city, as well as saving on fuel costs. However, if you prefer more comfort and space, you can also choose from luxury, premium, or SUV cars.

What are some tips for driving and renting a car in Cape Town?

Here are some tips for driving and renting a car in Cape Town: