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About Curacao and Flights

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Curaçao, paradise in the Netherlands Antilles

The island of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles is a true top destination for those who love tropical climates and a wonderful Caribbean atmosphere. Most tourists come here for a beach holiday, but there is also a lot of other fun to do with Willemstad and other beautiful locations.

Flights to Curacao & Last Minutes Curacao

Curaçao International Airport (CUR) is the international airport of the island of Curaçao. It is located around 12 kilometers from Willemstad. Numerous regional and international flights depart from here. From the airport you can take a bus to Willemstad. The journey takes around 25 minutes.

Flights to Curacao: KLM

The Dutch airline offers numerous flights from Europe to Curacao. It is one of the largest airline companies that have Curacao as their destination. They are in the Skyteam alliance, together with airlines such as Air France. Very useful when you have a connecting flight with another airline of the alliance.

Flights to Curacao: TUI

Beach holidays to Curaçao are often offered as a package tour by tour operators, so it is not very strange that TUI is one of the major airline companies that connects Europe with Curaçao. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, among others, is used to fly to the island.

Flight duration

Direct flights from Amsterdam to Curaçao have a flight duration of around 10 hours. From London you can reach Curaçao in 12 hours and 35 minutes. This is because a transfer from London is often required in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Miami or another major city.

Sights Curacao


For most tourists, the main reason to visit Curaçao is the beaches in the south of the island. There is a suitable beach for almost every type of traveler. At Sea Aquarium Beach you will find famous beach clubs such as Mambo Beach. Snorkelers can mainly visit Playa Porto Mari, Playa Lagun and Blue Bay. Furthermore, Curaçao has a number of beaches where you have almost a private beach, especially on weekdays in the low season.

Historic Willemstad

The history of Willemstad is one that dates from the colonial era. This is noticeable by the many colored colonial houses and forts along the St. Anna Bay. Also on the Handelskade you can still see numerous historical facades from the 18th century.

The salt flats of Jan Thiel

For those who are more active than just lazing on the beach there is the possibility to go mountain biking or hiking at the Jan Thiel salt flats. Here you can see nature at its best with cacti, flamingos and the white salt that sometimes looks very pink.

Chobolobo country house

In the Chobolobo country house is the Senior Co distillery, where the famous Curaçao liqueur is produced. The blue variant Blue Curaçao is particularly well known. You can get a tour where you can of course taste the delicious liqueur.

Green and sustainable tips for Curaçao

Flying is not immediately sustainable for the environment, but there is simply no other way to reach the island of Curaçao. In addition to compensating for your flight, you can also choose to do your exploration of the island on foot or by bike as much as possible. Also avoid large international hotel chains and opt for locally-run accommodation.

Weather in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

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With the following tips you will undoubtedly find the cheapest possible flight ticket to Curacao:

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How can I book a hotel in Curacao?

There are several ways to do that. You can stay a standard hotel use the booking site and choose hotels or hostels in Curacao. But you you can also choose FlyGRN Hotels. There you will find your hotel stay in Curacao and you can also compare various hotels on various providers and price. You will often find a low price with this. In addition, FlyGRN plants a tree for every 100 euros you spend on hotels.

With which currency do people pay in Curacao?

In Curacao one pays with the Netherlands Antillean guilder

What is the airport code of Curacao?

The airport code is CUR.