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About Barcelona and Flights

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Everywhere during your city trip in Barcelona you will come across works by Antoni Gaudí and the city has various buildings on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition, Barcelona is also the perfect city to enjoy delicious food (tapas) and drinks, to shop, relax on the beach and to dive into the vibrant nightlife.

Flights to Barcelona & Last-Minutes Barcelona

Its location on the Spanish coast, makes Barcelona a popular holiday destination. For European citizens, Barcelona is a quick getaway while other tourists often include the city in their Spain holiday.

Flights to Barcelona: Iberia

Iberia is the ma in Spanish airline company that offers flights all around the world. These flights can be found in T1 of the airport.

Flights to Barcelona: Ryanair

Europe has several low-budget airlines connecting the many top cities with each other. Ryanair probably has the biggest reputation when it comes to low airfares. Ryanair connects Barcelona with several European capitals.

Flight duration

From Barcelona, London can be reached in 1 hours and 55 minutes. New York has a flight time of 9 hours and 10 minutes.

Must-sees Barcelona


Once a beautiful promenade where the ladies and gentlemen of the city could quietly parade, have love letters written or buy flowers for the house. These days a chaos of many tourists and a single flower stall. Be sure to take a look to check it off on your list, but don't spend too much time there.

Sagrada Familia

The masterpiece by Gaudí, the construction of which is still not complete. According to planning, the year 2026 should finally happen, but we wonder whether that will succeed. The Sagrada Família is the most visited attraction in Barcelona and is therefore a must see during a first visit to the city.

Parc Guell

Another attraction of Gaudí, so loved by Barcelona. The architect was planning to create a beautiful city garden here, where the people from the neighborhood could spend their time. The park has since been taken over by tourists and there are hardly any local residents. Since 2013 you have to pay to come in.

Barceloneta Beach

Barcelona is one of the few cities in the world where the beach is so close to the city center, so that is worth a visit. Here too, you will not be the only one in the summer, but it is definitely a special experience to throw out your beach towel in the middle of the city and take a dip in the sea during a day of strolling.

Green / sustainable tips in Barcelona

Go eat at restaurants where local and pure food is served: if you want to travel as responsibly as possible, then also choose restaurants where only local ingredients are used and where organic and ecological products are used. Besides, Barcelona is a foodie hotspot, so you should find no trouble enjoying local tapas.

Weather in Barcelona, Spain

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