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China Eastern Flights and Tickets

China Eastern Airlines (CES) is a Chinese airline that has its base in Shanghai. It has its home base at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Although it was only established as a regional airline for Shanghai in 1988, it is today one of the three largest airlines in China. It has a fleet of 640 aircraft and connects more than 1062 destinations in 177 countries. It is part of the Skyteam alliance.

Flights China Eastern

China Eastern Airlines is one of the largest airline companies worldwide in terms of passenger numbers. The different ticket types consist of Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class. The latter is more than worth its money with beds that can be completely flat and limo service at your destination.

Facts about China Eastern

The history of China Eastern Airlines is recent and does not begin until 1988 when it was established as a regional airline for Shanghai. In the meantime, it has become one of the three largest airline companies in China. The result of numerous mergers over the years. In 2010, for example, it took over Shanghai Airlines, so that a competitor lost and strengthened considerably on the regional market. The majority of the shares are owned by the Chinese government. The rest of the shares are on the New York and Shanghai stock exchange. China Eastern Airlines has one of the most modern fleets in the world. It has 20 Boeiing 777-300ER that can hold up to 319 passengers. It transports 113 million passengers on an annual basis.

China Eastern Destinations

The airline company has a strong presence in Asia, North America and Australia. It has a wide range of domestic flights where it connects Shanghai with numerous Chinese cities. Especially at the international level it is growing strongly. For example, it offers direct flights to New York and other North American major cities, but also a direct connection to Prague, Amsterdam and Madrid, among others.

Short summary about flying with China Eastern

China Eastern Airlines is the ideal airline for travelers looking for a flight to Shanghai or wanting a connection to other locations in China.

Popular China Eastern Airlines destinations

Domestic flights are the largest part of their offer with Shanghai as an important hub. Hong Kong, New York and Nanjing are also very popular.

Less popular China Eastern Airlines destinations

Destinations such as Abu Dhabi and Anchorage have already been abolished due to lack of interest. In addition, the airline also has a number of destinations that it only serves during the high season. This includes Hisakiwawa in Japan, Perth, Brisbane and Irkutsk in Russia.

China Eastern Airways Book Flights

Those looking for a flight to Shanghai often end up with China Eastern Airlines. For regional and domestic flights, according to the weight concept, first-class passengers can check in up to 40 kg of luggage. The maximum allowable weight for business and economy class passengers is 30 kg and 20 kg respectively. According to the piece concept (Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, Dubai and Singapore), first-class passengers are allowed to check in three pieces of 32 kg each, while business travelers, premium economy and economy class passengers can check in two pieces of 32 kg maximum. You can check in online from 48 hours before departure, except in North American airports where you can only check in online from 24 hours before departure.

*For the facts and latest updates, always refer to the airline's website, since our information could be wrong or outdated.

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