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For every €100 you spend on car rentals via our partner we'll plant one tree

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Looking for a rental car?

FlyGRN works together with various partners to ensure that you can rent a car. We compare different suppliers for car rental and show the best prices.

Car rental? We plant trees for your car rental

Unfortunately, most car rental companies do not yet offer an electric car. That is why FlyGRN tries to give something back to the environment. If you choose a rental car with our partner and you started the search at FlyGRN, we will plant a tree for every 100 euros you spend on renting a car (be careful not to visit other sites such as discount sites in the meanwhile, otherwise it is possible that this does not work).

Really want to be as sustainable as possible?

If you really want to be as sustainable as possible, see if you can do as much as possible with public transport. Or rent from suppliers where you can rent an electric car.

Rent a car directly

Renting a car is easy. Our rental partner does offer a rental car in most countries. Whether you rent in Cape Town or in Amsterdam.

Car rental and insurance

It is always important to ensure that you are as well insured as possible. You are often partly insured or there might be still some liability. Many providers offer to lower your liability or to increase insurance coverage. Always check well in advance whether you are sufficiently insured.

Have fun with your rental car!

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