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Flight Tickets Bordeaux - Experience the City of the Girondins

Bordeaux is the capital of the French region Aquitaine. The city is located on the Garonne river and is one of the most important wine-producing regions in the world. Bordeaux is an ideal destination for those who love French culture, gastronomy, wine and architecture. Book your flight tickets today and explore the city of the Girondins.

Sights of Bordeaux

The Place de la Bourse

The Place de la Bourse is the most famous square in Bordeaux and the ideal starting point for a visit to the city. The square is framed by the buildings of the old Bourse, the Exchequer, and the former Royal Palace. The most impressive view is from the terrace of the Grand Théâtre.

The Esplanade des Quinconces

The Esplanade des Quinconces is one of the largest public squares in Europe. It was built in 1820 and features a large fountain and a monument to the Girondins. The square is surrounded by parks, gardens and monuments that make it a popular destination for visitors.

The Cathedral of Saint-André

The Cathedral of Saint-André is the most important religious building in Bordeaux. Built between the 12th and 15th centuries, the cathedral is a Gothic masterpiece. It is also the burial place of Eleanor of Aquitaine, the most powerful woman of the Middle Ages.

The Dune Du Pilat

The Dune Du Pilat is the tallest sand dune in Europe. It is located on the Atlantic coast near the city of Arcachon and is a popular destination for visitors. The dune is a beautiful spot to admire the sunset or to just relax and enjoy nature.

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Discover the unique charm of Bordeaux and book your flight tickets today! The city has something for everyone - from historic monuments to stunning landscapes. Explore the city of the Girondins and experience the best of French culture, gastronomy, wine and architecture.

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