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From beautiful colonial buildings to graffiti art. From interesting museums to hip clubs where people dance wildly into the early hours. From modern skyscrapers to the slums in the hills. Yes, Bogotá is a city of extremes.

Flights to Bogota & Last-Minutes Bogota

Bogota is often the starting point for travelers who wish to explore Colombia. El Dorado Airport is the international airport of Colombia in Bogota. It is the largest Latin American airport in terms of cargo and the fifth in terms of passengers. It is also the largest airport in Colombia. For Avianca, it is the most important hub in their flight network.

Flights to Bogota: Avianca

Avianca is a Colombian airline. It is the largest airline in Colombia and the sixth in South America. Avianca, together with its subsidiary SAM, is currently operating an average of 290 daily flights from its hub in Bogota to 18 domestic and 19 foreign destinations.

Flights to Bogota: Air Europa

For Europeans traveling to South America, a stop is often made in Spain. Therefore the Spanish airline company Air Europa is an often used airline company when traveling to Bogota.

Flight duration

From New York, Bogota can be reached with a direct flight in 5 hours, 10 minutes. Bogota also has good direct connections with several other cities in the US. London on the other hand can be reached in 10 hours, 30 minutes.

Must-sees Bogota

Monserrate mountain

One of the nicest things to do in Bogota is climbing the Monserrate mountain, with a height of 3100 meters it is a literal highlight of your visit to the city. You can go up with the cable car or a train and once at the top you have a great view of Bogota.

See street art

During a walk through the city you will probably have noticed the many works of art on the street. Bogota has a bustling street art scene, with numerous special works of art that adorn the streets. Because unlike many other cities, graffiti is legal here and is even seen as part of cultural identity.

La Candelaria

The nicest part of Bogota is the La Candelaria neighborhood. This is the historic center of the city and there is a lot to see and do. You will find museums, churches, historic squares and colonial architecture, but it is especially nice to wander through the narrow streets. Here the streets are dominated by colorful houses and coffee bars, and you dive into the history of Bogota.

Green / sustainable tips in Bogota

A nice way to explore the center of Bogotá is by bicycle. With Bogotá Bike Tours you discover authentic daily life in the Colombian capital. For example, you visit a market where you can taste exotic fruit, view graffiti works that address social issues, cycle around in the red-light district and play a game of tejo with the local population, the national sport that is a lot like jeu de boules.

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