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About Paramaribo and Flights

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Visit Dutch history in tropic Paramaribo

Paramaribo is a colonial, but also very tropical city. Everyone knows everyone and the rhythm of life is wonderfully slow. Have a beer on the Waterfront, walk through the colorful inner city and take a trip to Fort Zeelandia.

Flights to Paramaribo & Last-Minutes Paramaribo

Paramaribo is the only significant city in the South American country and it is here that all planes and boats arrive.

Flights to Paramaribo with KLM

Suriname is a former Dutch colony so it’s no surprise that Dutch airline companies like KLM offer flights to this destination on a regular base.

Flights to Paramaribo with Surinam Airways

The Surinamese Aviation Company, also known as Surinam Airways, is the national airline of Suriname. It is the most used airline company for domestic flights.

Flight duration from New York or London to Paramaribo, Surinam

From New York, Paramaribo can be reached in 9 hours and 20 minutes with a stopover. London has a flight time of 10 hours and 55 minutes. This requires a stopover in Amsterdam.

Must-sees Paramaribo


The most beautiful and important street in the city runs parallel to the Suriname River. Trade ships arrived here in the past. Large colonial houses dominate this street which was largely destroyed in 1821 by a major fire. Many expensive merchant houses were lost.

Fort Zeelandia

This fort, which today serves as a museum, was founded around 1600 by Dutch people. From here they traded and defended their settlement against attacks from outside. After several conquests by, among others, the English and the French, the fort became a barracks and prison years later. At this place are a number of beautiful officers' homes and a former powder house which now serves as a pharmacy.

The Independence Square

The most important buildings of the city are located on this green square in Paramaribo. Here you will find the Ministry of Justice & Police, conference hall, governor's house, Ministry of the Interior and the presidential palace. If official events take place, it will usually be on this square.

Green / sustainable tips in Paramaribo

If you spend a few days in Paramaribo before traveling further, stay in a small local hotel instead of big international resort. Also there are several local tours available to see and experience the city.

Weather in Paramaribo, Suriname

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