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All aboard, we’re going on a train trip! What better feeling is there than to just sit back and relax, let the most gorgeous landscapes pass you by while knowing you are safely on your way to a new and exciting destination?

There are so many railways in the world, it’s hard to choose one. But if you’re looking for the longest train trip, you’d have to go to Russia or China. Russia hosts the top 5 of the 50 longest train services in the world. Considering that you’re probably looking for trips through different countries, we mixed it up a little and also included other train trips that are well worth experiencing.

This is our Top 10 of longest train trips in the world, #10 being the longest.

#1. Chihuahua al Pacifico / CHEPE

  • Origin: Chihuahua (Mexico)
  • Destination: Los Mochis (Mexico)
  • Distance: 405 miles / 653 km
  • Duration: approx. 1,5 day

The most famous railway of Mexico, this train runs straight through the Copper Canyon. Prepare yourself for some jaw-dropping views. The copper-colored cliffs that glisten in the sun and the endless panoramas are a joy to look at. You’ll cross 37 bridges, 87 tunnels and will go as high as 2424 meter above sea level.

#2. The Blue Train

  • Origin: Pretoria (South Africa)
  • Destination: Cape Town (South Africa)
  • Distance: 994 miles / 1,610 km
  • Duration: 27 hours

South Africa is known for its stunning scenery and abundance of wildlife. You can enjoy all of this while traveling from Pretoria to Cape Town while indulging yourself in the luxury that the Blue Train offers. The Blue Train comes fully equipped with butlers, gourmet food and all the service you would get in a 5-star hotel.

#3. Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express

  • Origin: Singapore
  • Destination: Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Distance: 1,200 miles / 1,944 km
  • Duration: 3-4 days

This is probably the most beautiful and luxurious train trip in Asia. It runs from Singapore to Bangkok (and vice versa) through Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. You’ll go through tropical rainforests, the River Kwai, mountain passes, golden temples and remote villages. The whole trip takes 4 days. If that’s too long for you, you also have the option to choose a different route that takes 3 days.

The train is built in Japan and used to run in New Zealand as the Silver Star. They converted the cabins into luxury, private accommodations which are perfect if you are traveling by yourself or as a couple.

#4. Peking - Lhasa

  • Origin: Peking (China)
  • Destination: Lhasa (Tibet)
  • Distance: 1,240 miles / 2,000 km
  • Duration: 3-4 days

This railway opened up quite recently, in 2005. It runs from China to Tibet and is the highest railway in the world with a maximum height of 5076 meters above sea level. During this trip through the Tibetan Plateau, you’ll pass over 30 stations. Half of these stations have a viewpoint where you can enjoy the most spectacular views of Tibet and its mountains.

#5. California Zephyr

  • Origin: Chicago (US)
  • Destination: San Francisco (US)
  • Distance: 2,438 miles / 3,950 km
  • Duration: approx. 2 days

The California Zephyr is the longest train journey in the US and runs through the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado canyons, and the Sierra Nevada. Take a comfortable seat and let the best views in the US pass you by.

#6. Vivek Express

  • Origin: Dibrugarh (India)
  • Destination: Kanyakumari (India)
  • Distance: 2,650 miles / 4,293 km
  • Duration: +/- 4 days

Fancy a spectacular train ride through India? The Vivek Express is not only the longest train ride in India but also one of the longest in the world. It runs between Dibrugarh in the north-east of India to Kanyakumari in the far south.

India is a country of great contradictions. There’s a giant gap between rich and poor, so be prepared for some intense, mind-blowing experiences. India is a country that people either love or hate, but most people that visit India fall in love with its magical, colorful culture and people. What will it be for you?

#7. The Indian Pacific

  • Origin: Sydney (Australia)
  • Destination: Perth (Australia)
  • Distance: 2,704 miles / 4,380 km
  • Duration: 4 days

Australia is almost 2485 miles wide, and this train ride certainly covers that distance. You’ll hop on in Sydney on the East coast, stop in Broken Hill, Adelaide, Barossa Valley, Kalgoorlie, Cook, and Rawlinna, and finish in Perth in the West.

Enjoy a typical Australian wine and watch the Australian outback, the waterfalls of the Blue Mountains, forests, gold mines, ghost tows and Nullarbor go by. Depending on your budget, you can choose a normal seat or dive into a luxury cabin. You also have the option to join an off-train excursion if you are eastbound.

#8. The Canadian

  • Origin: Toronto (Canada)
  • Destination: Vancouver (Canada)
  • Distance: 2,775 miles / 4,496 km
  • Duration: 3 days

The Canadian runs from Toronto to Vancouver and offers comfortable sleeping cabins. Although you can have everything you need, there’s one thing missing. There is no Wi-Fi on board. Fortunately, you can keep yourself entertained by watching the breathtaking scenery. You’ll see the Rocky Mountains, forests and all the best that Canada has to offer. Maybe you can even spot some moose and bears!

#9. Trans-Mongolian

  • Origin: Moscow
  • Destination: Beijing (China)
  • Distance: 4,862 miles / 7,876 k
  • Duration: 6 days

The Trans-Mongolian is a good alternative for the Trans-Siberian Express (which is #10). Many travelers choose this route instead, which runs from Moscow to Beijing.

#10. The Trans-Siberian Express

  • Origin: Moscow (Russia)
  • Destination: Vladivostok (Russia)
  • Distance: 5,772 miles / 9,350 km
  • Duration: +6 days

Who hasn’t heard of the Trans-Siberian Express? This legendary train ride crosses 7 different time zones and goes through incredibly diverse landscapes. It’s been built by Tsar Alexander III, who had the idea to make Russia more accessible from the West. The train has the colors of the Russian flag and people call it “Rossia”. The train departs every 2 days.

There you have it. Our Top 10 of the longest train rides in the world. Which of these do you want to board?

Author: Jessica Scheper

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By Jishnu Janardhanan, 2 years ago
Why are you using a picture of some random street vendor who might not even from India for Vivek express? The westerner media always want to make fun of India, you are no different. You should be ashamed.
By David A Knoles, 3 years ago
At this very moment I am on the ZEPHYR. Just went through Reno. Now in Love Lock. Great scenery and great fun. It's not packed either. I have basically 4 chairs to myself.
By Ansh Ajay Srivastava, 4 years ago
Nice........ I will try any one of these

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