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9 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Products for Travellers afbeelding
Wherever you’re travelling to on your next adventure, there are plenty of ways to reduce the impact your trip has on the environment.Firstly, think about how you plan to travel. And what you plan to do when you get to your destination. (Here are a few tips for eco-friendly travel.)Next, pick eco-friendly travel products that help you to travel greener. The less plastic you use, the less waste you create and the more harmoniously you interact with the environment, the better!You can also give any travel product purchases a few extra environmental brownie points by downloading TreeClicks before you check out. This mobile app and browser extension plants trees every time you shop with one of their partner stores. And it doesn’t cost you anything! But first things first. What are the must-have eco-friendly products for travellers? And where can you buy them? Here are a few of the eco-friendly travel items you really shouldn’t leave home without…
Flight delayed? This is how you claim compensation! afbeelding
In general, you believe that the flights you have booked will leave on time. Unfortunately, the reality is often different: your flight can be delayed (or even cancelled). The good news is that as a passenger you have certain rights and in most cases you can request compensation for your delayed flight. That can be quite a relief!