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eSIM Europe Travel - The Ultimate Guide to Internet-Only eSIMs afbeelding
Are you planning a trip to Europe and wondering about the best way to stay connected while on the go? A few years ago, the common practice was to purchase a local sim-only card from a provider upon arrival in each destination. However, now there is a much more convenient option: eSIMs. With an eSIM, you can buy an internet-only plan online, making it easy to stay connected on the go without the hassle of finding a local provider. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of eSIMs for travel in Europe and some popular destinations where they are available.
9 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Products for Travellers afbeelding
Wherever you’re travelling to on your next adventure, there are plenty of ways to reduce the impact your trip has on the environment.Firstly, think about how you plan to travel. And what you plan to do when you get to your destination. (Here are a few tips for eco-friendly travel.)Next, pick eco-friendly travel products that help you to travel greener. The less plastic you use, the less waste you create and the more harmoniously you interact with the environment, the better!You can also give any travel product purchases a few extra environmental brownie points by downloading TreeClicks before you check out. This mobile app and browser extension plants trees every time you shop with one of their partner stores. And it doesn’t cost you anything! But first things first. What are the must-have eco-friendly products for travellers? And where can you buy them? Here are a few of the eco-friendly travel items you really shouldn’t leave home without…
6 Powerful Ways to Make Your Hotel or Yoga Retreat Eco-Friendly & Sustainable afbeelding
There are plenty of reasons to make your hotel or yoga retreat eco-friendly and sustainable. You can think about lowering your impact on the environment, saving electricity, reducing labor and operational costs, and about keeping your guests happy. Not to mention the positive publicity and great marketing that comes with a truly sustainable accommodation! Ready to get started? Here are 6 powerful ways to make your hotel or yoga retreat eco-friendly.
Tips for Organising a Sustainable Event afbeelding
Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for all businesses. This also includes the events sector. After all, an event or congress often has an enormous impact on the environment: visitors need to travel long distances to get to the location, they consume an enormous amount of energy and water in a short period of time, and they produce gigantic amounts of waste. In order to reduce the impact of an event or congress, it’s vital to organise them as green and sustainable as possible. Naturally, this responsibility lies with the organisation.
Sustainable Travel: Tips, trends & companies for a green holiday afbeelding
Sustainable travel: how do you do that? And perhaps even more important: is it really possible? Long distance travel is becoming increasingly popular and more Europeans choose to spend their holiday in a far-away country. At the same time, however, there is a growing awareness that travelling does not come without consequences. Air travel leads to high CO2 emissions and tourism has a big impact on local culture and nature. Fortunately, you can minimise your ecological footprint in a number of ways. In this article, we explain how and give you some tips on how to travel as sustainably as possible.
8 Ways to Reduce Your Waste at Home and While Travelling afbeelding
Travel doesn’t only increase your carbon footprint but it leads to a lot of (plastic) waste as well. Think about all the plastic water bottles you buy. Think about the plastic straws in your cocktail, the plastic bags you receive at the supermarkets, the disposable food containers, and the plastic wrappers from your snacks. That's a lot of plastic!We love our planet, so we want to do everything we can - at home and on the road - to help combat the massive production of waste. So, here are 8 ways to minimise our waste.