8 Reasons Why You Should Have a Living Green Wall in Your Home or Office afbeelding

Creating a living wall can revitalise a home or office space. This type of vertical garden brings a fresh and artistic look to the exterior or interior of a property. It also provides health and well-being benefits and can boost productivity in the workplace.

If you have never considered creating a living wall in your residential or commercial property, there are several reasons why you should. Let's start by taking a look at what a living wall actually is.

What is a living wall?

A living wall is also known as a green wall or a vertical garden. It’s a vertical structure built in front of an existing wall, on either the exterior or interior of a property.

The structure is attached to the existing wall at various points (without causing any damage) and then planted with lots of beautiful greenery. This greenery is usually planted into a medium such as soil, stone or water. For bigger living wall installations, an in-built irrigation system is incorporated into the structure.

A living wall creates a fresh and natural feel for a property and gives plants a place to thrive. It makes a huge difference to the brick and concrete surfaces we see so much of in urban areas.

What benefits does a living wall provide?

A vertical garden doesn’t just look amazing. It also provides a number of benefits for both people and the surrounding environment. Here are eight reasons why you should have a living wall in your home or office.

Living walls purify the air

There is no doubt that the quality of air is important in any home or office space. If air quality is poor it can have several adverse effects on people living or working in a property. These effects include:

  • Eye irritation
  • Sore throat
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

Poor air quality can also aggravate conditions such as asthma.

Living walls help to improve the quality of the air in a property. They do this by converting CO2 into oxygen and by converting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into compounds which the plants feed on. This then helps to create a healthier environment to live or work in.

An example of a living green wall outside

Vertical gardening is ideal for small spaces

Not every homeowner has the space to create a large outdoor garden area. This can be a problem for keen gardeners. After all, a garden gives city dwellers the opportunity to experience some greenery amongst the concrete and metal.

The good news about a vertical garden is that it takes up a limited amount of floor space. It's the perfect solution for people living in apartments and other small properties as vertical space is used instead of horizontal space.

Green walls make you feel better

Research has shown that plants have a positive effect on the way people feel. They help to create a feeling of vitality and lift spirits and create happiness. It follows that the greenery in a living wall will make people feel better and improve their mental health.

This is important in both a residential and a commercial environment. People want to feel healthy and happy in their home. In an office, when people feel good, they are less likely to become ill and take time off sick. They are also likely to be more productive.

Living walls reduce the temperature in your living or working space

No-one wants to live or work in an environment which is too hot or too cold. Living walls can help with this. Plant life provides an extra layer of insulation (if installed on external walls) so cuts down on energy loss and keeps buildings warm in winter months. It also absorbs and reflects sunlight, which helps to keep buildings cool when the weather is hot.

The temperature benefit of a living wall means that the amount of air conditioning required can be reduced by around one third. Heating demand is also reduced. This reduces the energy costs for a property and helps you to work or live more sustainably, which is also beneficial to the environment as a whole.

Vertical gardens help with noise insulation

Noise pollution can be a major problem in the home and in an office space. There are several ways that this noise pollution can be addressed. Creating a vertical garden is one of the most interesting.

This is due to the fact that a vertical garden can absorb around 41% more sound than a normal building facade while also looking stunning. With this in mind, it's clear to see that investing in a vertical garden helps to create a quieter environment in an office or a home.

Indoor gardens improve productivity

Whether you’re working at home or in the office, a good level of productivity is essential to the survival and growth of a business. One of the best ways to improve productivity in your home or office environment is to create a green space.

For instance, having a living wall in an office can provide the following productivity benefits.

  • Enhanced mood.
  • Improved learning.
  • Higher levels of innovation.
  • More efficient decision making.
  • Improved problem-solving.

These factors are all essential to improving and maintaining productivity levels.


Living walls improve brand reputation

Any business wants its customers to get a good impression of its brand. One important factor that can help with this is creating an impressive and welcoming office space.

Installing a living wall can help with this. There are several reasons why this is the case.

  • A living wall creates a welcoming environment.
  • Green spaces freshen the environment and make it a healthier place to visit and work in.
  • Green walls portray the brand as environmentally conscious.

These factors are all important in impressing potential clients. They can also help to attract the very best professionals who want to work for a forward-thinking, sustainable business.

Green walls enhance biodiversity

Biodiversity is essential to the survival of our planet. This is not just about taking better care of the rainforests; it's about making sure that all beneficial flora and fauna are protected. This is just as important in urban areas as it is anywhere else.

Green walls can help with this. They help to provide an environment where birds and insects can thrive. This helps to ensure that the overall environment remains in good health.

A summary of living walls

You can see why creating a living wall in your home or office space is such a great idea. It brings a host of benefits for both people and the planet.

1. A living wall helps to purify the air, removing CO2 and converting VOCs.

2. It helps you to bring greenery to a space, no matter how small it is!

3. A vertical garden has a positive effect on the way you feel by creating a feeling of vitality and happiness

4. It moderates the temperature in your living or working space, insulating when it is cold and reflecting heat when it is warm.

5. A living wall can help with noise insulation, absorbing 41% more sound than a standard building façade.

6. It improves productivity, making innovation, decision making and problem-solving that bit easier.

7. It can improve a business’ brand image by helping to give an impression of a forward-thinking, sustainable company.

8. A living wall enhances biodiversity, which brings huge benefits for the environment as a whole.

Living walls improve the appearance of a building. They also contribute to the health and well-being of the people who live or work alongside them.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, a living wall (despite taking up very little space) has the potential to revolutionise our cities and reduce their impact on the environment. By removing CO2 from the atmosphere, reducing the need for heating and air-conditioning, and improving biodiversity, living walls could be an invaluable help in the fight against global warming and climate change.

Have you ever come across a beautiful green wall or have you stayed at an hotel that has an indoor garden? Share your travel moments and living wall inspiration with us!

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By Green Walls in Dubai, 1 year ago
Excellent article on the benefits of having a living green wall in our home decors. I have added green walls to my office interiors. I am experiencing most of the benefits mentioned above. Among all the benefits, the most amazing fact I experience is that my stress has reduced and workplace productivity has improved a lot after installing green walls in my indoor places. The green living wall has improved the health and physical well-being of my staff also. I recommend everyone to understand the benefits of living walls and add them to their interiors to create a feeling of vitality. Keep sharing more informative articles like this. https://www.sijigreenhouse.com/products/planting-pots/greenwall-system/
By Vista Concepts, 1 year ago
A green wall or a vertical garden is often seen in hotel lobbies and office corridors but it's by no means the prerogative of these commercial establishments. A vertical garden installed on the interior or exterior wall of a building resembles a living wall art that offers the benefits of nature too. Living green walls are becoming increasingly common in residential buildings too, particularly in cities where you have space constraint. You just have to be mindful of a few things before you go for living green wall installation at your place.

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