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About Thalys high-speed train and offers

You undoubtedly know it: the red train of Thalys. Thalys is one of them most famous European trains with high-speed connections between the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. A train journey with Thalys stands for one efficient travel time and good service.

About Thalys

Thalys was founded in 1995. That year the train organization started with international train travel to the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Thalys has now grown into one of the best-known train organisations in Europe. This is mainly due to the distinctive red high-speed trains crossing Europe with a top speed of 300 kilometers per hour. In no time at all, travelers will become like this brought dozens of European destinations, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Cologne, Aachen, Paris and Marseille.

Facts about Thalys trains

In total, Thalys has 27 red trainsets and 1 IVY train, a low cost train between Brussels and Paris. The trains lay a total of 9,374,000 kilometers per year and transport more than 7.5 million travelers per year. Per train can accommodate 373 passengers.

Thalys sustainable goals

Impressive figures, but Thalys has even more in store. The The train organization is also committed to reducing the CO2 emissions by train. Since 2008 they have achieved a decrease of 52% of CO2 emissions. At the moment, a train journey with Thalys on average for 8 times less CO2 emissions than the same journey by car. There even up to 10 times less CO2 is emitted compared to a flight.

Every year, Thalys contributes to a saving of 200,000 tons of CO2 Europe. Just for comparison: that corresponds to the emissions of a municipality of 23,000 inhabitants. A considerable saving!

Thalys European destinations

Thalys travels to 26 European destinations. The most popular connections from the Netherlands to Paris, Brussels and Marseille.

Train to Paris

The train from the Netherlands to Paris is one of the top connections from Thalys. A train departs from Amsterdam ten times a day brings you to the heart of Paris within 3.5 hours. From Moulin Rouge to the Champs-Élysées, from culture to shopping, from fine dining to crispy baguette: the French capital has it all.

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Train to Disneyland Paris

By train to Disneyland? Thalys has a direct connection from Netherlands to the amusement park. You will travel to the place in less than 4 hours where magic comes to life.

Book train tickets to Paris (select the Disneyland train station at NS International carefully)

Train to Brussels

A Thalys departs from the Netherlands to Brussels 14 times a day ideal destination for a weekend getaway. With the high-speed train from Thalys will take you to the center of Brussels within 2 hours.

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Thalys to Marseilles

In July and August, Thalys has a direct train connection from The Netherlands to the sunny South of France. You need it for the travel time certainly not to be missed: you can get in from Amsterdam in just 7.5 hours Marseilles. An idyllic harbor, a clear blue sea and an atmospheric center – Marseille is the ideal summer destination.

Winter / Ski Thalys

During the winter there is a train that travels directly to a number of French winter sports areas once a week.

Read more about Thalys Snow

Traveling with Thalys

Tip: book your train journey with Thalys as early as possible to insure yourself of a train seat and the best price for a train ticket. The train tickets can easily be purchased online and do not need to be printed before departure to become.

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Ready for the train journey? Find and book your train tickets for Thalys via FlyGRN! Our search engine sorts the various travel options CO2 emissions, so you know exactly how much CO2 your travel choice will be cause. This way you can easily choose the most sustainable way to get to you destination.

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