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Berlin - City with two faces

Berlin is sometimes called the city with two faces. On the one hand there is the trendy metropolis with a lively nightlife, on the other hand you can still find numerous traces here that refer to the fierce past of the city. There is, for example, a remnant of the Berlin Wall that once split the city and the continent in two.

Trains to Berlin

Berlin Hauptbahnhof is the central station of Berlin and is a model of modern architecture. The station is connected to numerous German and international cities. Because it is one of the busiest in Europe, you imagine yourself at an airport.

Train connections with Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a direct connection with Berlin. You can reach the Dutch capital from Berlin in 6 hours and 20 minutes. This train runs 7 times a day. Reservations are possible, but not required.

Train connections with Prague

In addition to numerous German cities, Berlin is also connected to Prague. No fewer than 39 trains per day run this route. These will take you to the Czech capital in just over 4 hours.

Sights Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

A symbol of the Cold War that stood for years in a desolate no man's land. Now the Brandenburg Gate is the symbol of association and freedom. Thanks to the lack of car traffic, it is one of the meeting points in the city. In the high season it can be a bit crowded here with tourists, but you shouldn't skip this attraction during your visit to Berlin..

Berlin Wall

The recent past of Berlin can still be found everywhere in the city. Pay attention to the paving stones in the road surface. Those stones indicate the course of the Berlin Wall. Only two parts of that Wall are still standing as a horrifying reminder of the years of separation from the city. A frequently visited place is the East Side Gallery on Mühlenstrasse.

Checkpoint Charlie

You should not miss this famous landmark during your visit to Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie is a former checkpoint (during the Cold War) and one of the most famous attractions in the city. The Haus am Checkpoint Charlie Museum in particular gives an impressive glimpse into the history of this historic site.

The Reichstag

Since the reunification of the two Germans, the Reichstag has once again been the proud home of the German parliament. Most visitors have little eye for the politics that are practiced here, but would like to see the city from the glass dome.

Green and sustainable tips for Berlin

Sustainable and healthy living is a trend that has been around for a while, but they are far ahead in Berlin. There is no shortage of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and there are numerous supermarkets focused on sustainability. Just think of Original Unverpackt where everything is offered without packaging.

Weather in Berlin, Germany

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