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Duisburg is a city in the Ruhr area in the west of Germany. It is the largest city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with its population of approximately 500,000. The city is known for its steel industry, its port and its many cultural attractions.

Must-sees Duisburg

Duisburg Inner Harbour

Duisburg Inner Harbour is the largest inland port in the world. It is a hub for the steel, coal and chemicals industries, as well as for the transport of goods. The harbour also has a number of attractions such as the Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain, the Tiger and Turtle - Flying Steps and the Tiger and Turtle - Roller Coaster.

Duisburg Zoo

The Duisburg Zoo is the largest zoo in North Rhine-Westphalia and is home to over 5,000 animals. The zoo has a diverse range of animals including elephants, giraffes, polar bears and seals. The zoo also has an aquarium, a playground and a reptile house.

Duisburg City Museum

The Duisburg City Museum is a museum that focuses on the history, culture and art of the city. The museum is housed in the old city hall and showcases the development of the city from its medieval beginnings to the present day. The museum also has a variety of temporary exhibitions.

Duisburg Landscape Park

Duisburg Landscape Park is a large park in the city of Duisburg. It covers an area of more than 3,000 hectares and is home to a variety of plants, animals and insects. The park has a variety of different trails and routes which allow visitors to explore the park and its landscapes.

Train Tickets to Duisburg

Duisburg is well connected to the rest of Germany and beyond by train. You can easily purchase train tickets to Duisburg from wherever you are. Whether you are travelling from Berlin, Munich, Cologne or any other city, you can find the best deals on train tickets to Duisburg.

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