Cheap Deutsche Bahn Train Tickets - Around Germany

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Cheap Deutsche Bahn Train Tickets - Around Germany

Traveling by train in Germany? The German railway company Deutsche Bahn takes you by rail from A to B. Your cheap train tickets for a trip with Deutsche Bahn you can easily buy online at FlyGRN.

About Deutsche Bahn

The Deutsche Bahn has fast rail connections throughout Germany. Deutsche Bahn's rail network is one of the most extensive in the world and Europe. The modern trains of the Deutsche Bahn can usually be recognized by the white colored trains with a red stripe. On international routes, such as from the Netherlands to Germany, driving there ICE trains . Within the German borders you board regional Intercity and Eurocity trains.

Long-distance train travel within and outside Germany

Intercity-Express (ICE), Intercity and Eurocity trains. Both the high-speed trains and the regional trains are modern and fully equipped. Comfort guaranteed. Still please even more luxury? The trains of the Deutsche Bahn are also equipped with a first class.

Deutsche Bahn routes and destinations

The timetable of the German railway network is very extensive and the trains have frequent departures. Also the international trains regularly depart for German neighboring countries, such as the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

By train from the Netherlands to Germany

High-speed trains depart daily from the Netherlands Germany. This ICE International will take you from Amsterdam Central, Utrecht Central and Arnhem Central to the larger ones cities in Germany.

By train from the Netherlands to Berlin

A direct train departs from Amsterdam several times a day Central to Berlin. With a speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour you in no time in the German capital.

Search and book train tickets to Berlin

By train from the Netherlands to Hamburg

Hamburg is the ideal destination for an alternative city trip. Good news: a direct train departs daily to take you from Amsterdam is in the heart of Hamburg in about 5 hours.

Search and book train tickets to Hamburg

By train from the Netherlands to Switzerland

A direct train connects the Netherlands with Basel in Switzerland. Step transfer here to the train to Bern or Zurich. While you relax leans, this international train will take you to Switzerland.

Search and book train tickets to Switzerland

By train from the Netherlands to Vienna

For a comfortable train journey to Austria, board the train from Deutsche Bahn to Frankfurt. There you change to the train to Vienna.

Search and book train tickets to Vienna

Train ticket rates at Deutsche Bahn

The Deutsche Bahn has three different rates for train tickets domestic routes:

  • Sparpreis: the cheapest fare. You buy a train ticket for a specific train and departure time. Change or cancel it train ticket is available for a small additional charge.
  • Flexpreis: with this rate you have more freedom to arrange your determine travel times. You can travel on any train that departs on the your chosen travel date. Do your travel plans change? Then you can go to the receive a full refund of the ticket price the day before departure.
  • First class: the most comfortable train journey. Luxury seats, free snacks, free newspapers and a fast wifi connection.

Book early and buy cheap train tickets

Be ahead of unexpected price increases and buy your train tickets that far possible online before departure. Deutsche Bahn raises prices for certain train routes based on demand. Book on time to get high avoid prices.

Buy train tickets online Deutsche Bahn

You can easily buy train tickets at Deutsche Bahn online via FlyGRN. Search to your ideal trip via our search engine and we put the best one most sustainable train journeys for you in a row. What will be your destination?

Buy your train tickets at Deutsche Bahn quickly and easily via FlyGRN.

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