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A high-speed train from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Brussels to the French-alps

Are you looking for the most sustainable way to get to the French Alps? traveling for your next winter sport? Then the ski Thalys is the solution you! With this train you travel directly to your ski destination, without the hassle you don't have to worry about the travel time or any traffic jams. The Thalys snow isn't just a fast and efficient way to get to your destination achieve, but it is also better for the environment than flying or with the car.

In this article we discuss all the advantages of traveling with the Thalys snow. And we answer the most frequently asked questions about this way of opting go winter sports by train, such as:

  • Is traveling by winter sports train sustainable?
  • What are the advantages of traveling with Thalys snow?
  • Where can you ski in France?
  • Where can you go with ski Thalys/TGV?
  • Which French destinations are also accessible by Snow Thalys?

Ski Thalys: a sustainable way to enjoy winter sports

Traveling with ski Thalys is one of the most sustainable ways to get to the mountains for a winter sports holiday. Going on winter sports by train a more environmentally friendly way than on a ski holiday by car or the plane, because the train uses electricity from renewable sources sources. In addition, the train produces a lot less CO2 emissions and emissions of harmful substances other than an airplane or car. Also traveling by train reduces traffic on the road and the air pollution.

Advantages of traveling with ski Thalys snow

In addition to the sustainability aspect, travel with Thalys offers snow many other benefits:

  • It is the most direct and fastest way to get from the Netherlands to the French Alps travel. You can be on your own within 6 hours holiday destination, because the Thalys on some stretches 300 km/h driving.
  • The ski Thalys goes directly to popular winter sports destinations. The train stops in Chambery, Albertville, Moûtiers, Aime-La-Plagne, Landry and Bourg-Saint-Maurice. From this one larger train stations you travel locally to your holiday destination. With a direct bus you can already reach within 45 minutes from Aime-La-Plagne station on the slopes in the area of be La Plagne.
  • You don't waste time finding an airport or parking space, leaving you more time to enjoy your ski holiday.
  • Because you don't drive yourself, you don't run the risk of traffic fines and additional costs toll roads.
  • Traveling with the Thalys snow train is very comfortable thanks to spacious seating, free wifi and a host of other amenities. because of this you arrive relaxed and rested at your destination.
  • You travel in a special train specially equipped for this winter sports enthusiasts. For example, there is extra space for ski equipment snowboard equipment.
  • Because affordable ski Thalys tickets are available, you can go on winter sports without having to empty your bank account. In addition, there are regular special offers that make you already you can get a one-way ticket from €65 one-way. Compare train tickets for the best price.

Skiing in France, a popular winter sports destination

France is often regarded as one of the best ski destinations in the world world, thanks to the combination of the impressive Alpine landscapes, the excellent ski infrastructure and unparalleled hospitality and cuisine. The Alps of France are famous for their snowy peaks and challenging slopes. Partly for this reason, skiers and snowboarders come from all over the world whole world gather here every year to enjoy the winter sport.

Where can you go with the ski Thalys snow?

With the ski Thalys, also known as TGV, you can travel quickly and comfortably to different ski destinations in the French Alps. Whether you are looking to an area with the greatest chance of snow, the most extensive ski areas or the nicest villages, there is something for everyone in France will. You can go directly by train to the most famous destinations, including Moûtiers and Val Thorens. Then order a local from there take a train, bus or taxi that will take you directly to the slopes.

Several ski areas accessible by train

France has countless ski areas ranging from small and intimate resorts to extensive, internationally renowned ski areas. The train goes to a lot ski areas including Chamonix, Les Arcs and La Plagne. Every area has its own unique features and activities to do. By quiet villages in the valley to cozy mountain huts with breathtaking views views.

Val Thorens in Les Trois Vallées by ski-thalys

One of the most popular ski areas in France is Val Thorens. Here you find challenging slopes and various après-ski bars. It's part of the large, popular Les Trois Vallées. This is a huge ski area, consisting of three separate valleys that together span more than 600 kilometers offer trails. From the most challenging black slopes to the most gentle blue runs, Les Trois Vallées has something for every level of skier offer. Moreover, there is no shortage of hotels, there there is almost always a spot available.

Les Arcs and Chamonix by train

Regardless of your ski or snowboard level, the French Alps offer something for you everyone. Les Arcs, for example, is a great one for beginners and families option. This ski area has wide slopes and child-friendly facilities. For more experienced skiers, Chamonix is an area with a bit more challenge thanks to the steep and challenging slopes. Both are good accessible by Thalys snow.

Ski Thalys timetable

As explained, you can quickly and easily get to the most beautiful ski-thalys ski destinations in the French Alps. The trains depart at different times times and driving on various frequencies. Usually the ski Thalys runs from late December to late March. This goes once a week, with departure and arrival day on Saturday. The exact times of the ski Thalys are depending on the destination of departure and arrival.

The train departs from various stations in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. This one runs through in a very fast time Antwerp and Paris to the French Alps. The journey from Amsterdam to Chambéry, for example, lasts about 8 hours and 30 minutes and goes through Antwerp, Paris and Lyon.

Why is winter sports with the ski Thalys a good idea?

In short, the ski Thalys is the ideal way to get on in a sustainable and comfortable way winter sports, without compromising on speed, comfort and affordability. Moreover, traveling with the ski Thalys reduces CO2 emissions. There are many available schedules and departure times to check out to elect. If you are looking for an easy and sustainable way to winter sports, then this special winter edition of the train is the perfect option. Book your Thalys tickets now and experience the French Alps in the snow in the best way.

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