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About Alicante and Flights

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Holiday under the sun in Alicante

the capital of the province is the second most important city in the autonomous region of Valencia. Famed for its beaches, it is a top destination for sun seekers who wish to spend their holiday at the Spanish costas.

Flights to Alicante & Last-Minutes Alicante

Alicante has an international airport, located just minutes from the center.

Flights to Alicante: Iberia

This is the flag carrier airline of Spain. It has an extensive network of destinations including Madrid, Barcelona and several cities at the Spanish costas.

Flights to Alicante: TUI

TUI used to be known as Jetair and is an airline company that aims at sunny holiday destinations, such as Spain, Greece and Turkey.

Flight duration

From New York, Alicante can be reached in 7 hours and 40 minutes. London has a flight time of 2 hour and 5 minutes. There are several airlines offering direct flights within Europe. Flying intercontinental often requires a stopover.

Must-sees Alicante

Castillo de Santa Barbara

This castle is located high above the city of Alicante on the 166 meter high mountain Benacantil. It is one of Europe's largest medieval forts with an authentic feel. There are, among other things, cannons, dungeons and a moat, all ingredients for a great experience. From the fort you have a beautiful view of Alicante.

Basilica de Santa Maria

This beautiful church is the oldest church in Alicante that is still in use. The church was built in baroque style between the 14th and 16th centuries, the baroque is reflected everywhere.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is an old neighborhood in Alicante. Santa Cruz, this picturesque, picturesque old quarter full of small narrow streets, stairs and whitewashed houses with flowers and colored tiles is not only a nice neighborhood but from here you also have a beautiful view of the city and the sea.

San Juan beach

This beach is certainly a nice place to catch some sun rays. Although this is the city beach, you do get the chance to leave the city behind (literally). Wear a bikini or swimsuit, a drink in your hand and an afternoon of delicious tanning in the wonderful Spanish sun!

Plaza del Ayuntamiento

Plaza del Ayuntamiento is one of the most beautiful squares in the city of Alicante. The square is considered the center of Alicante. The town hall is also located on Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The town hall is a baroque structure from the 18th century that was built above the old Casa de la Ciudad.

Explanada de España

The Explanada de España is a maritime promenade that runs parallel to the port, from the Puerta del Mar to the Canalejas park and is one of the most popular areas of Alicante. La Explanada de Españais also known as the "Paseo de la Explanada" has become a symbol of the city of Alicante, and is surrounded on both sides by palm trees.

Green / sustainable tips in Alicante

While there is a wide offer of big hotels, these are often not the way to go if you want to travel sustainable. Instead opt for small local-owned family hotels.

Weather in Alicante, Spain

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How do you find cheap flights to Alicante?

With the following tips you will undoubtedly find the cheapest possible flight ticket to Alicante:

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How can I book a hotel in Alicante?

There are several ways to do that. You can stay a standard hotel use the booking site and choose hotels or hostels in Alicante. But you you can also choose FlyGRN Hotels. There you will find your hotel stay in Alicante and you can also compare various hotels on various providers and price. You will often find a low price with this. In addition, FlyGRN plants a tree for every 100 euros you spend on hotels.

With which currency do people pay in Alicante?

In Alicante one pays with the Euro

What is the airport code of Alicante?

The airport code is ALC.