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About Singapore Airlines and Flights

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Singapore Airlines Flights and Tickets

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is the national society of Singapore. It has its base in Changi International Airport. It has a fleet of 137 aircraft and connects more than 61 destinations. It is part of the Star Alliance alliance. In addition, it also has a subsidiary SilkAir that is responsible for regional flights.

Flights Singapore Airlines

From January 20, 2018, Singapore Airlines introduced three new fare types: Lite, Standard and Flexi fares.

Facts about Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines started on May 1, 1947 with the founding of Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) by the Ocean Steamship Company from Liverpool, the Straits Steamship Company from Singapore and Imperial Airways. The airline's first flight was a chartered flight of the British Straits Settlement from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. In 2003, SIA acquired 5 long-haul Airbus A340-500 aircraft and started the two longest non-stop flights in aviation history, Singapore - Newark and Singapore - Los Angeles. Singapore Airlines is considered one of the best airline companies worldwide, largely due to their service. For example, you can call during your flight with the in-flight phone.

Singapore Airlines Destinations

With 66 destinations in 32 countries on five continents, Singapore Airlines offers a very varied offer. India and Australia count the most destinations, with six each. It also offers the longest non-stop flight, namely from Singapore to Newark. It did that in the past, but since abolition the route has been restarted since 2016.

Short summary about flying with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the ideal airline for travelers looking for a flight to Singapore or wanting a connection to other locations in Asia.

Popular Singapore Airlines destinations

International flights are the largest part of their offer with Chiang as an important hub. In addition, London, Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris, Mumbai, Beijing, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles and New York are also very popular.

Less popular Singapore Airlines destinations

Destinations such as Vienna and Darwin have already been abolished due to lack of interest. In addition, Saporo in Japan is only available in high season, for example.

Singapore Airlines Book Flights

Those looking for a flight to Singapore often end up with Singapore Airlines. For regional and international flights, according to the weight concept, first class and business passengers can check in up to 50 and 40 kg luggage respectively. The maximum allowable weight for economy class passengers is 30 kg. Premium Economy may check in 35 kilograms. You can check in online from 48 hours before departure, except in North American airports where you can only check in online from 24 hours before departure.

*For the facts and latest updates, always refer to the airline's website, since our information could be wrong or outdated.

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