Sustainable Travel and Air Travel Statistics & Facts

Sustainable Travel specific

  • No less than 87 percent of the respondents said they wanted to go on holiday in a sustainable way. Only 39 percent say they often or always succeed. The biggest obstacles? The alleged price tag associated with environmentally friendly travel (42 percent), lack of information (32 percent) and the extra travel time that green transport costs (22 percent). Source: & Emerce
  • By train from Amsterdam to Berlin, it emits up to 15x less CO2 than by plane on the same route (FlyGRN CO2 calculator and DEFRA). Did you know that FlyGRN automatically compares train tickets when you search flight tickets?
  • Did you know that a business class escape seat is responsible for up to 3x more emissions than an economy seat, since you also take up relatively more space (source FlyGRN CO2 calculator and DEFRA)? With first class it is even almost 4x more than economy class.

Airplane environmental impact

  • A return flight from Amsterdam to Valencia is equivalent in terms of CO2 emissions to 670 laundry washes and 230 showers of 10 minutes (FlyGRN CO2 calculator and DEFRA.

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