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About Bodrum and Flights

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Flight tickets Bodrum & Last-Minutes Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe. The city on the Turkish Riviera is therefore a guarantee for good weather, a sky-blue sea and numerous sights. You can stay in one of the many hotels. Bodrum is therefore a flight destination from many European cities. Travelers arrive at Milas-Bodrum Airport (IATA: BJV, ICAO: LTFE). The airport is located north of Bodrum, about 36 kilometers away.

Flight tickets Bodrum Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is the national airline of Turkey. So it makes a lot of sense that they connect European cities with numerous Turkish destinations like Bodrum. It is part of the airline alliance Star Alliance, so you can often take advantage of cheap airline tickets if you have enough air miles.

Those who choose Turkish Airlines will often make a stopover in Istanbul from Brussels before flying on to Bodrum. This is also the case from Amsterdam.

Flight tickets Bodrum Corendon Dutch Airlines

Bodrum is often a travel destination offered by various tour operators, such as Corendon. As a result, Corendon is also one of the most used airlines to fly to Bodrum. Corendon Dutch Airlines is a Dutch airline that is part of Corendon.

Corendon Dutch Airlines therefore flies directly to the destination Bodrum.

How long is the flight to Bodrum?

From cities such as Brussels and Amsterdam you can fly to Bodrum in about 3 hours and 20 minutes. This includes the transfer time. It will easily take you 4 to 5 hours from London.

In and around Bodrum

The Port of Bodrum

Bodrum is located on the sea and therefore has a harbour. Better yet, before Bodrum became a tourist destination, the population here lived from fishing. However, the former fishing village has now shifted its focus to the many tourists. As a result, you will now find many hotels and restaurants around the port. From the harbor itself you can make excursions or a day trip to Kos.

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

This tomb is sometimes considered one of the classical wonders of the world. In the mausoleum you will find the urn containing the ashes of Mausollos, a Persian satrap, and the remains of his wife and sister.

Bodrum Castle

Anyone visiting the port of Bodrum cannot miss it. The castle is located on a peninsula near the harbor. Its purpose was therefore to protect the port city against pirates. You will no longer find pirates there, but the castle has become an attraction for many tourists. In the castle there is also the underwater archaeological museum. The museum's eye-catcher is the ship of Uluburun and is not to be missed for those interested in the prehistory and past of Bodrum.

The castle also divides the city in two with a fashionable part on one side and the entertainment district with numerous restaurants and bars on the other.

Greek Theater

Greece is not far away. This can also be seen in the ruins of an ancient Greek theater that sits on top of the Goktepe hill. It dates from the fourth century BC and housed about ten thousand people. Today it is still regularly used for concerts.

Green/sustainable tips in Bodrum

Bodrum is a real tourist attraction. Consequently, the city is also rich in a wide range of star hotels. However, these are often in the hands of foreign investors. If your focus is on sustainable travel, then it is better to choose a smaller-scale hotel that benefits the local population. The same goes for eating in local restaurants instead of the buffet at an all-inclusive. On top of that, the Turkish cuisine has to offer a range of vegetarian dishes.

Weather in Bodrum, Turkey

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What is the cheapest plane ticket to Bodrum?

We found several flights to Bodrum. It is possible that if you fly from another cheap airport to Bodrum you are cheaper and find a better price flight tickets.

How do you find cheap flights to Bodrum?

With the following tips you will undoubtedly find the cheapest possible flight ticket to Bodrum:

  • Search your flight to Bodrum on FlyGRN and sort by price.
  • Try a different departure and/or return date to Bodrum
  • Try another airport that is nearby than for example Amsterdam or Bodrum
  • Fly back from an airport other than Bodrum. you can do this select by filtering on 'multiple cities'
  • Filter the results when you searched for a flight to Bodrum

How can I book a hotel in Bodrum?

There are several ways to do that. You can stay a standard hotel use the booking site and choose hotels or hostels in Bodrum. But you you can also choose FlyGRN Hotels. There you will find your hotel stay in Bodrum and you can also compare various hotels on various providers and price. You will often find a low price with this. In addition, FlyGRN plants a tree for every 100 euros you spend on hotels.

With which currency do people pay in Bodrum?

In Bodrum one pays with the YTL

What is the airport code of Bodrum?

The airport code is BJV.