Compare & Book Flights and We'll Offset your Flight's Carbon Emissions for Free

FlyGRN's revenue goes directly into offsetting the carbon emissions of your flight by supporting solar cooking projects in Chad. #howflygrn

How FlyGRN works

1. Search dozens of flight booking sites at once with FlyGRN. Book a flight via one of our partners.
2. Booked a flight? We will receive a fee from our partners for your flight ticket booking.
3. With that fee, we will try to partially or completely offset your flight's CO2 emissions for free.
4. Your flight will be offset with trees or solar cooking projects. You will receive a CO2-certificate in your mailbox.
Want to know more about FlyGRN?
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FlyGRN vs other ticket sites

Flight Scanner Site
  • Often the lowest price
  • Search through 10+ ticket sites
  • Carbon offsetting NOT free. Sometimes additionally available
Directly at airline
  • Sometimes the lowest price
  • Search through 1 site
  • Carbon offsetting NOT free. Sometimes additionally available

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Booked your flight somewhere else?

No sweat, you can still offset your journey with us :)

Compare Cheap Flights

FlyGRN in a nutshell: FlyGRN compares the lowest price of flight tickets from airlines and merchants in one place. Best of all, for each flight sold, we offset the carbon (CO2) emissions of your flight. We pay that with the fee for bringing you in as a customer. We do this because we think it is important that carbon offsetting happens. So you don’t have to pay anything extra for carbon offsetting. And because we compare more than six flight ticket sites at once, you usually also find the best price. So, start comparing the same flights including free CO2 compensation at

Flights of FlyGRN more expensive? No, not at all!

Because offsetting your flight is done with our own income, your flight is often just as expensive as at other sites that compare flights. In some cases flights are even cheaper. That is possible because we search multiple airline ticket sites at once and choose the best flight prices for you.

Compare flight tickets with free carbon offsetting

Less than 1% of travelers offsets their flight’s carbon emissions. We therefore compensate part of your flight's carbon emissions with our own income from selling your flight tickets. We offset by supporting solar cookstove projects in Chad that prevent deforestation significantly. Could you imagine how many solar cookers we can build if everyone would book their flight via FlyGRN? Oh, and yes, we also show train alternatives if there are any, since traveling by train is way more sustainable!

Why is carbon offsetting included in our flights?

We think it is important that more people compensate for their flight’s emissions, because although it is better not to fly, sometimes you have to. In those cases, carbon offsetting makes sense and the supported projects have a huge carbon reducing impact. The solar cooker project supports thousands of households with clean cookstoves. That is why we have chosen to pay for your carbon offsetting from our own pocket, from the margins that we earn from selling your flight. Compare flights now!

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