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8 Ways to Reduce Your Waste at Home and While Travelling afbeelding
Travel doesn’t only increase your carbon footprint but it leads to a lot of (plastic) waste as well. Think about all the plastic water bottles you buy. Think about the plastic straws in your cocktail, the plastic bags you receive at the supermarkets, the disposable food containers, and the plastic wrappers from your snacks. That's a lot of plastic!We love our planet, so we want to do everything we can - at home and on the road - to help combat the massive production of waste. So, here are 8 ways to minimise our waste.
10 Ways to Reduce your Hidden Carbon Impact afbeelding
Have you ever thought about the hidden impact of your activities on the environment? It’s easy to think that we are being eco-friendly by turning off the lights, reducing our water usage and recycling our waste. But if you really want to limit your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet, it’s important to learn about the hidden carbon impact - and how to reduce it - as well.
Carbon Emission Factors used by FlyGRN afbeelding
The world of flight carbon offset calculations is not a simple one. Calculating carbon emissions from flying involves many factors. From direct CO2-emissions to contrail-forming, all factors have an environmental impact in their own way.